The Realist Party

Elections are not good
'Democracy' requires one person, one vote and total equality in terms of voting rights within a democratically governed entity. Therein lies the root of the problem why democratically elected legislatures wind up to be so corrupt and self-serving.

Stupid Mistakes
It turns out that well-meaning ideas like "Democracy" and "Socialism" are big mistakes because they each in their own way are very destructive forces on the economies of countries and the individual and collective freedoms of people within the countries that have adopted these two big philosophical mistakes as ideals to govern their countries.

Let me explain
Democracy mandates elections for politicians to become the rulers of the people. These elected politicians will get all the power to tax and to make laws in exchange for which they are to provide for law and order and protection of life and property and they are expected to create an infrastructure in which an economy can prosper. It is a very high price to pay for very poor quality of protection of life and property and very mediocre laws and regulations of commerce that have brought the USA economy down to its knees and has restricted the people's freedoms incrementally to the point that the moniker "Land of the Free" has lost its meaning. It has become the land of the corrupt elected officials and the land of lawsuits.

Getting our money's worth
My major objective is to create systems of government that will result in better quality elected officials and restoring many of the freedoms that were taken from us by the poor quality and often corrupt elected politicians that give us poor quality government with limited security and protection of life and property and an economy destroying set of laws and regulations that are indirectly created by special interest monopolies through the lobbyists on Capitol Hill that bribe the members of Congress to legislate the unequal advantages for the monopolies that use their "purchased" advantages to practice Monopoly Terrorism on the rest of us, the people.

.An excellent tax system will restore much of the privacy we have lost through the draconian power given to the IRS with its insane 65,000 page long tax code. My new  tax proposal restores privacy and saves billion of dollars in collection and enforcement. No accounting, no record keeping, no tax reporting or tax form filing, no audits. Check it out here:

Realist Party 
This is a selection (not election) system that guarantees an improvement over current quality of elected officials.